We have prepared a surprise for you for Children’s Day! We鈥檝e set up the Inhuman Gear online store, where you can buy our equipment for functional training, including kettlebells, bumpers, gymnastic rings, ropes or jump ropes. In the end, there鈥檚 an inner child in every one of us, so it is worth to get yourself a little gift 馃槈

We鈥檝e decided to create the Inhuman Gear brand from our love for sport and desire to improve training technology.. We provide safe and versatile equipment to the market with features sought after by the most demanding fans of functional training. Our equipment has become a determinant of new quality for real athletes and users with the highest expectations. It meets the strictest requirements in terms of functionality and biomechanics. Great interest in our products means that we have decided to open an online store, so that everyone can order our equipment home.

Our brand’s offer includes pull-up accessories or grip strength devices, bumper loads, kettlebells, medicine balls, gymnastics, paralettes, boxes and ropes. There鈥檚 also the RIG – a versatile training tool designed to conduct group activities; in a word, the “must have” of every sports object and RACK, or a hybrid of the classic Squat-Rack, i.e., a device that enables a set of exercises in powerlifting and functional training. Now everyone can have a dream gym in their home! All you need to do is visit us at www.inhumangear.com