MIA was established in 1999 out of a passion for marketing and sales support. Our core value is business intelligence. Our mission is to meet the needs of our Clients. The goal of MIA is to provide product excellence to the satisfaction of each and every user of our furniture.


MIA was established in 1999 out of my passion for marketing and sales support. I was keen to work in an international environment and develop with leading market players.
The company was founded to provide shop interior designs and manufacture furnishings. Over time we also extended our activity with construction services.
Initially, my focus was on two Clients: Triumph International and Philip Morris. We rose to become a key supplier in an emerging market.
Business was booming all over Europe, and additionally our key Client Triumph International developed extremely rapidly, its image changing throughout the world. The orders kept coming in. With successful bids in Western Europe, we created a new structure and continued to develop it. With a 50–100% increase in sales annually, the company grew extremely fast.
From 2006–2008, as the growing business brought new challenges, I decided to change our organisation with new management-by-objectives solutions. I distributed much of the competences among my managers selected in the ACDC process in order to devote my attention to sales and marketing exclusively.
Our first visit as exhibitors at Euroshop, the world’s largest retail trade fair, in  Düsseldorf in 2008 attracted interest from major brands such as Dior and Etam. We grabbed the opportunity and began serving the two after several months only with consecutive projects executed throughout Europe and North Africa.
At the same time we gained several major Clients in Germany and Switzerland: Peek&Cloppenburg, Campione and Swatch. New leading market players gradually joined our Client base.
We developed despite adverse market conditions as options critically affected the fluidity of our operations. However, since expansion was at the top of our priorities, we continued to extend our lead in the market of shop furnishings, notwithstanding the harsh economic climate of the time.
In 2010 we began working with Escada, whom we provided with shop furnishings at 30 different venues in different parts of the world, most of which were located in the US and Canada.
Our successful deals in France and Spain soon followed suit, as we began providing construction services to Inditex. Concurrently, we launched cooperation with Mango, who signed a deal for the provision of shop furnishings in 40 different venues throughout Europe.
In 2012 we completed a large global contract for the provision of furniture to showrooms in the network of G-Star from the Netherlands. Our products were also supplied to Tokyo, Japan; Seoul, South Korea; and Johannesburg, South Africa. The furniture was mounted with local assembly teams.
At the same time we exported large volumes to Russia as part of our collaboration with LPP S.A. Since we attracted a lot enquiries from the local market and hence recognised its potential, we set up our subsidiary called ISM in Moscow in 2012. The company specialises in imports and construction and decoration services. Since its inception, ISM has been developing fast and is slowly reaching MIA’s turnover. We have had the pleasure of working for customers whose logos are presented below.


We are inviting cordially for the cooperation.

Dominik Szot and MIA team.