The photograph shows a shop in Kazan, Russia, located at the MEGA Shopping Centre.

We executed the project just prior to Christmas 2016. It was one of our most complex executions. We had to deal with a number of organisational challenges on site, and we also managed to meet all the requirements from a demanding shopping centre. As usual in Russian, the construction service was provided by ISM, and the furniture assembly by MIA.

KOTON is one of the largest projects of ours. We provided it to a Turkish clothing company from Istanbul. We launched cooperation in 2015, when we executed the first KOTON project in Chelyabinsk, Russia, as a general contractor. ISM provided the service in a record-breaking time, which came to the attention of our Client. As a result, KOTON entrusted us with a mission to fit out the largest venue of their in Paris in 2016, which is also the first project of theirs in Western Europe. As usual, MIA provided an impeccable service.

As we worked on the project in Paris, we also developed a venue in Samara, Russia.
Our construction expertise and the know-how of furniture design and manufacturing were instrumental in winning a number of contracts from KOTON, which we carried out as a MIA and ISM team.

In 2016 alone, we executed 10 projects for KOTON,

including 7 construction projects in France (Paris) and Russia (Samara, Moscow, in shopping centres such as Riviera, Slavyanka and Khimki; as well as in Petersburg and Kazan);

and 8 furniture projects in Russia and Belarus, of an estimated total size of 11 thousand sqm.
– Riviera Moscow
– Slavyanka Moscow
– Ohta St. Petersburg
– Expobell Minsk
– Mega Khimki Moscow
– Mega Kazan
– Galleria Minsk
– Vegas Kashira Moscow

We had only 7 weeks to complete the job. We made necessary preparations to turn out ca. 2 thousand sqm of shop space monthly; we also adjusted the warehouse to process these massive volumes of furniture and organised the logistics with our Russian subsidiary ISM.

With extended and close collaboration between MIA and ISM, we could operate promptly and effectively both as builders and furniture suppliers and go through all the customs procedures required to ship our products.

The Customer was delighted with the quality and presentation of our furniture.

Our collaboration with KOTON is a great example of turn-key projects we execute outside of Poland. We know how to navigate through all the construction formalities and are able to produce top quality and affordable furniture.