Tomasz Owsiak, or IT Specialist

Manager about Tomasz:
He is full of energy and enthusiasm. Tomasz is fully committed and passionate about new challenges. He is always there to help our colleagues in solving their problems in the mysterious world of IT. He won the Employee of the Quarter award from his colleagues. Tomasz is also the most outgoing person in the legendary “IT banquet hall” of ours. 🙂

Tomasz about himself:
Backup, update, upgrade, routing. These words describe me to a t. My job is to secure the continuity of IT systems in our company. I provide advice and suggestions at our help desk in Kraków, but also to our colleagues from ISM in Russia. The company constantly develops, which generates challenging projects to pursue in collaboration with other divisions as well as pure IT implementation projects. Despite procedures, each day is full of surprises. This job knows no boredom. It is my passion!