Paweł Nowak, or Chief Designer

Manager about Paweł:
Pawe┼é Nowak is our Chief Designer, but he is also known as Mr Cutting Words. He is a natural-born coach because he knows how to harness his sense and sharp wits to help our colleagues and solve their problems. In his free time, when he does not have to solve problems that are seemingly impossible to resolve, he devotes all of his attention to test and practice the solutions I develop for Inhuman Gear. Training and high-protein diet only add to the effectÔÇŽ ­čÖé

Paweł about himself:
Hi there! I work as Chief Designer at MIA. Because I have to work in office, I needed some exercise after hours.
I started with a gym but soon switched to CrossFit. Training is great fun, of course, but I can also improve the quality of training by creating state-of-the-art Inhuman Gear solutions for MIA, where I work as Chief Designer, We can have an enjoyable session and test and improve our equipment at the same time.