Zuzanna Skowronek, or Key Account Specialist

Manager about Zuzanna:
She is always smiling and has a positive attitude. Zuzanna was the first in the company to win deals for Inhuman Gear in France. She is always on time and self-disciplined. Loyal to her colleagues, she is also focused and happy to learn. She must be listening to some incredible music (everybody says Mozart) in her headphones, because she finds it extremely easy to obtain Clients and build rapport, and also to win new deals.

Zuzanna about herself:
Life is full of surprises and serendipity.

When I first joined a CrossFit class in January 2016, I knew very little about MIA. I felt completely knackered after the class, and I was sore all over my body for the next three days. Interestingly, I liked it though. An idea to change a job first crossed my mind at the time. As luck would have it, I found a job ad in a French-speaking community on Facebook. I took a liking to MIA, and we started in May. What happened next? Our company grows rapidly in the CrossFit area, and we even have our own team.
I had no second thoughts about joining the team, which took me on two weeks later and offered a jersey with Lark at the back. A female and a beginner, I may have been the weakest link, but it mattered little because all were after was entertainment. I also soon began my winning streak in the French market. It is very interesting to witness how our brand Inhuman Gear helps foreign CrossFit initiatives to develop, to meet new inspiring and happy people who are active and happy with their lives. Who would have ever thought, I would be able to discover a new passion and work with people who create it and feel inspired by it.

Of course, MIA is not only about Inhuman Gear and CrossFit. Our main focus is on retail and major European brands. Challenging as it is, the job gives an opportunity to gain experience by networking, meetings and negotiations with international Clients. I also find it inspiring to work with designers, technologies and production coordinators.
You can witness how each project gains momentum and follow the entire project from initial design to final execution. MIA knows no boredom, every day brings something new, and each design is customised to the needs of the Clients. I can even venture to say that working for MIA is like an intellectual CrossFit, or a session of gymnastics for the mind.