The first three venues in Katowice (Galeria Katowicka), Łódż (Manufaktura) and Lublin (Felicity) were delivered smoothly and in record-breaking times.
We thought we knew pretty much everything about our profession, but then it turned out that there is no room for complacency if you want to succeed.

In the summer of 2014, following protracted negotiations, we won the following three contracts: Złote Tarasy in Warsaw, Limbeckerstrasse in Essen, where we once delivered a project for Seidensticker, and the Client’s favourite, namely Tauentzienstrasse in Berlin.
The deliveries in Warsaw and Ruhr went quite smoothly, and were completed according to plan.

That said, we were in for quite a learning curve while in Berlin. The Benetton venue is two-storey high, the two levels connected by an escalator. This gives more than 1,100 sqm in size. The store is located at the intersection of one of the busiest streets in the very centre of Berlin. Additionally, our neighbours were very sensitive to noise. All in all, we had a lot of challenges to meet.

Even so, it was much easier to deal with operational problems than coordinate our HQ, an Italian interior design atelier in Berlin and Polish-Italian assembly teams on site, which combined our people, our contractors’ people and our Clients’ experts. “Change, change, change” and continuous race against the clock, as in some kind of absurd comedy, best describe our experience while in Berlin.

All paperwork to obtain the permits was competed with help from Mr Albrecht Hülsen, whose company Just-In-Time Europe supported us in navigating through the formalities necessary to launch the venue.

The Benetton store in Berlin was one of the most difficult projects of ours. We have managed to refresh something we forgot after a dozen or so years. Namely, you are lucky only when prepared. The majority of the challenges we faced throughout the project came from the fact that we were keen to meet all the ongoing needs expressed by our end-user.

The final effect is that the store is just beautiful and the Client delighted.

For all we know, happy customers are also growing in numbers in Germany.