In 2017 we are planning to win new Clients, both to our shop furniture and sports brands, as well as in new areas such as offices, hotels and luxury housing. Our regular Clients are in for a number of surprises to increase their sales volumes.
Our major operational goal is to create new and better furniture that allows for faster and more convenient supply.
Our main focus is to harness the potential of the world wide web, both in acquisition and daily operations. This is our major strategic goal these days.
Our vision is to create a brand new company that is flexible in the fast-changing market reality and based on lean management strategies.
This requires that we harness our know-how, state-of-the-art Internet technologies, 18 years of experience and the capacity for effective project management in more than 170 different countries globally.
We have a great team of around 100 people based in Krak├│w, Poland, and Moscow, Russia. We have managed to build a manufacturing model based on outsourcing solutions and construction expertise. We are working with more than 40 excellent manufacturers and suppliers who specialise in top quality furniture components. We are also developing as a business cluster in new and emerging markets such as Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Gulf area.
Our Clients value our ability to keep promises and quickly respond to the emerging difficulties; they also appreciate MIA VALUE ENGINEERING<  which guarantees savings in logistics and materials