Omnichannel sales is now a reality. Consumer communication is now carried out with a variety of means and a variety of media that are able to catch the attention of contemporary audiences. As smart phones and social networking sites are in the ascendancy, consumers are increasingly turning away from traditional television and choose the world wide web instead, which means that both advertising and sales are often carried out by smart phone phone and tablet or laptop computers. Billboards and cinema and TV commercials are now being driven out by various web-based forms of marketing. Consumer habits are closely scrutinised by cookie files, which constantly register consumers’ actions and preferences.

Similarly, new developments in technology make shopping habits evolve rapidly. Customers who used to return to the same point of sales to buy their clothes, beauty products and brown goods are now increasingly seeking the best price. Bargain hunters are encouraged by online stores with a variety of means that foster the consumer-sales rapport: bonuses, rebates, bundled deals, freebies and finally the right to return goods even after 100 days after purchase.

So what can we do as furniture designers?
We are presenting an operation model at MIA for the years to come:

Our OMNICHANNEL strategies are best described by our MIA OMNI STAR (see the picture in the graphite background), which exemplifies what we do in four simple steps:

1. We work with social networking sites to:
A) better understand our Clients’ needs and find the solutions they seek in a timely and effective manner;
B) communicate latest developments, including technologies and designs, inventions, discoveries and patents;
C) research market trends and shopping habits;
D) promote and support our Clients’ brands and sales;
E) research our efficiency as an organisation and improve on a continuous basis;
F) study the market and provide points of learning to ourselves and our Clients as part of the world wide web and an increasingly transparent supply chain. (As demonstrated by the circle with a networking site icon in the very centre of the star)

2. Our primary focus in on the brand our Client, and we offer solutions that are best suited to their market standing in terms of cost and the delivery time of projects, products and services. BRAND-PRICE-TIME

3. Once delivery time and budget have been established, we can achieve our goals in terms of FUNCTION-FORM-TECHNOLOGY.

4. All our activities are integrated to facilitate the delivery of products and services negotiated with the Clients, which is at the very heart of what we do.