Fibo Fair is the largest fitness fair in Europe, held every year in Cologne on an area of 130 thousands square meters. The biggest brands in the fitness market could meet there, starting from the ones that offer sports equipment and ending up on the brands offering athlete nourishments. Every year the fair is visited about 150,000 people from over 100 countries, viewing the products of nearly 1000 exhibitors.

Obviously, our brand INHUMAN GEAR could not miss out this event neither. Our equipment popularity increased lately because of the very good rate high quality to low costs at the same time. Our equipment is used in Poland, Germany, France and Sweden. We set three targets in Cologne: getting new contacts in area of sales, acquiring contractors for the products which are missing in our offer and to get acquainted with the news in world of fitness.

We also had the opportunity to see the newest worlds solutions that received the JURY Fibo 2017 awards. We still want to develop and improve our sports equipment, so some of these interesting ideas have already inspired us to develop new products.

One of them is ‘XTENSION FITNESS MTX ONE’. The equipment specially for physiotherapists, owners of small clubs  and private persons. It consumes 1,5 sqm of area and offers people a gamma of exercises like mobility and functional training. It is simple in use and easy to customise for every part of human muscular. The equipment is recommended for every person returning on his fitness path, values his health and wants to reduce the risk on an injury.


We have also stumbled upon IT solutions. We all know mobile telephone programs, which indicate training schedules and sets of exercises along with nutrition suggestions. On top of that the application 3D Body Tracking is aimed at showing us our body development in a form of a 3D visualization. Each muscle section is being analysed  and presented in a graphic form with a deep study of all movement characteristics. It shows real results  of our intensive trainings and diet applied, communicates pivotal information about our muscle system, efficiency and simultaneously suggests appropriate trainings, which enable achieving any desired target.

3D Body Tracking

The last and the most interesting idea, that adored us by simplicity and finishing was a “FUNS C” container offered by Transatlantic Fitness GmbH. It is a real sea container developed in collaboration with a German Army Munich Department of Sports Medicine. It has all what’s needed for a strength training: bags, ladders, bumpers, barbells, balls etc. This concept is very interesting for everyone, who hasn’t got any space for trainings. Thank this container one receives an ideal solution with an extra space and an appropriate set of gears. We will definitely develop this project.    

“FUNS C” container

Among the mass exercises that were most eye-catching at the fair were small trampolines, where everyone in group or individually could do exercises to the beat of music. We had the opportunity to watch the classes lead by a coach for 10 people. Ladies, because this type of activity is mostly directed to them, were fascinated by their movements and its variety, adapting them simultaneously to dynamic disco music.


We are very excited about the Fibo adventure. It provide us many impressions and funny situations such as, for example, three people travel in open-air roof fiat 500 in April and listening to “Judy In Disguise”.

We would for sure definitely be back with new ideas soon, and next year we see ourselves again at fitness fairs.

We have caught important contacts with major players in the European market as well as Asian and American. The goals have been achieved and the meetings will now result in new contracts.

Konrad Jendrysik