We are a shopfitting company. As a group created by Mia and established in 1999 in Krakow, ISM registered in Moscow in 2012 and ISM Kazakhstan in Astana since last week, we cover a market of about 1 billion consumers: the whole of Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, including Russia.

We employ about 100 people and generate a yearly turnover of 10 million Euro with about 2000 manufacturing and 25 general construction projects in average.

For 18 years, we have specialised in designing and supplying furnishings to chain clients around the world. Our portfolio includes over 30 000 shop furniture projects for store chains of well-known global corporations, including Triumph International, Koton, Mango, Etam, Subway, Zenith, Chantelle, Seidensticker and Campione (see the table below). These projects were carried out in almost all parts of the globe.

As a general contractor, we deal in construction works connected with interior finishing and preparation of architectural designs for the buildings. We have completed over 150 finishing and construction projects, in cities such as Paris, Berlin, Prague, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Irkutsk.

Many clients value the collaboration with MIA, mainly because of our skills in solving problems abroad, at any time of day or night. Others appreciate us for the production and logistics savings that resulted from working with us. Most work with us due to the quality of services we provide.


After a series of spectacular successes on the retail market as a pioneer in conquering the western part of Europe and due to gaining a number of most important customers in the years 2009-2014 , we’ve noticed many more competitors around us.

From the commonly available data, there came knowledge that retail business appears to be in its stagnation phase. Due to that, we started to look for new markets, where we could use the ability to build international relationships and deliver high quality products.

In 2014 we started the work on MIA’s company development in a completely new business. Two branches of high potential attracted our attention: yacht industry, with Poland being on top for many years now, and fitness business, which has been developing extremely fast for a decade now, due to present trends of being fit and physically active. As a result of various analysis, we decided to invest in sport.

We felt the need to stand out from the few thousands of different suppliers of sport equipment. Therefore we have decided to expand our offer with something that will have the “wow effect” on our clients, where, apart from our perfect portfolio, which proves MIA’s comprehensive project and productive skills, we will have our own super product. Since karate, boxing, kung-fu, ju-jitsu, aikido and muay thai became popular, along with the fast MMA development, in 2014 along with the bove mentioned acquisition of network fitness clients we discovered a niche and started the work on Fightertoy brand. With the research conducted, we found there was a lack of proper equipment for professional players and martial arts masters, as well as lack of well projected and created high quality products that help to do that sort of sport. In a year, we’ve made the basic equipment that helped to furnish training room for most of the sport disciplines of martial arts.

FIGHTERTOY – Promotion material



The information that MIA starts to develop in the fitness market was spread quickly and at the end of 2014 we were invited to cooperate in upgrading a famous water park building in Poland with a new fitness studio. For that purpose MIA started a collaboartion with Crossfit 72D club and created partnership named M72. As a consequence of our cooperation with that project we’ve noticed huge business potential in functional training (which is most commonly known as Crossfit). In the middle of 2015 we decided to invest in the new brand. The core of our success connected the experience of two experienced experts MIA and 72D. MIA delivers project-production know-how whilst 72D the knowledge from fitness area. The story started fast…


By using our retail experience as we used to do in our project work for stores’ interiors, we have parallelly begun with acquisition of network clients from Western Europe. Our first successes were achieved in Summer 2015 when we started the cooperation with McFit company – world’s leader in the fitness branch. In August, we delivered equipment to furnish the most important studio of the German sports giant in Eastern Europe at that time in Warsaw in Dell’s building.

McFIT studio – Warsaw – Poland – Dell Building – Furniture manufacture

At the same time we’ve reached other very important fitness centres in Western Europe and Poland. Our greatest success is in collaboration with Moving Fitness, the French company. Recently we did the project for the elite fitness club in Nice on French Riviera and many others in the recent months.

Moving – Nice – France – MIA design and furniture manufacture

Collaborating with international fitness brands makes our mother brand MIA stronger, faster recognizable and more visible in the whole world. It also helps in any activity that we start and want to quickly spread around the world. We are aware of that.


Every product is analysed in details at the entire product development stage to ensure it is suitable for the final user and then created with attention to details by MIA’s designers and engineers during each process of prototyping . The next steps are: ergonomic and endurance tests at0 72D. After all modifications are done, the product is delivered to the market. In this way the marriage of engineers and athletes became a foundation of a new activity and the new production for functional training has started.

Inhuman Gear first product: Rig installed in 72D studio in Cracow


Our products were almost perfect. When it comes to general aesthetics, they encouraged respect of those viewing them. Our construction stability gave those doing the training the practical joy from exercising. We needed a strong name and recognizable visual idea, full of colours and graphic signs. Few months later, the new brand was created – Inhuman Gear. We’ve been analysing its ambivalent meaning for a long time. Well, it implicated equipment not for human beings… Not superhuman but simply not for humans. In fact there was only one very strong positive trait – comic heros of Marvel studios with superpower skills (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inhumans). We’ve also established that due to growing popularity of other comic heroes, such as: Avengers, Super Man, Spiderman, Iron Man, Hulk etc., also Inhumans will finally appear on the screen. And there it happened. Few days ago, the September release of TV series appeared http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4154858/videoplayer/vi2475931929?ref_=tt_ov_vi. 

Apart from that, our sportsmen friends from America confirmed that in this hermetic and extremely demanding world of Crossfit, Inhuman Gear brand will be the object of fascination, although an ordinary man may not have positive association with it. The opinion of sportsmen from across the ocean results from extremely challenging type of training, which helps to go beyond your comfort zone. In a merely few months, an enthusiast of functional training, can achieve the results that will surprise himself and the environment. The power of human rises to exceptional scale. Endurance for the physical effort grows few times. It involves also the rise of respiratory capacity. But most importantly psychomotor efficiency grows. So you can have a body of a Spartan hoplit from the film “300” where, this type of training (Spartan Warrior Workout) was massively implemented for the whole bunch of actors and produced visible results within some months of extremely intensive trainings.


The brand INHUMAN GEAR was created in the springtime of 2015.

We also released a dedicated brand sign which symbolizes Gladiator movie’s helmet and a head from Predator creature from the commonly known film. This is an element of our marketing comunication proving a mixture of SUPERHUMAN and INHUMAN abilities. Both images are registered trade marks.

In the summer of 2016 we’ve launched the website (https://www.inhumangear.com)


In a year we have established our sponsorship cooperation with young athletes, who started to achieve great successes in Crossfit. In Poland our ambassador is Gabriela Migała https://games.crossfit.com/athlete/764556, who in the last year was the 3rd in Crossfit Games Championships in California. It means that in 2016 Gabi was the third most physically efficient teenager in the world. In Romania we cooperate with Barni Botje. This is a 18 year old, who a year ago became rewarded by Crossfit environment https://games.crossfit.com/athlete/454236. In order to reward the young Romanian, we equipped his house in Transylvania with Inhuman Gear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7rYMRtn1_U

We are still seeking new young athlete talents who simply consequently work day by day in order to receive successes.

Gabriela Migała 3rd strongest teenager on Earth in 2016


At the end of 2016, we brought to the market a new product: Monolith, a special mat for free weight zones which suppresses noise and protects the main floor from many mechanical damages. On top of that we offer a possibility to put a brand logo on the top surface. Finally our Inhuman Gear became a desirable brand in the world of fitness.

Monolith – Promotion material – rubber flooring for free weight zones


2016 autumn – Inhuman Gear at a completion event: Krakowska Liga Krosfitów in Kraków. Facebook screenshot.


On pictures above our flagship products: Bumper Plates in action.


I.                 October 2015 – first sale.

II.                 January 2016 – registration of Inhuman Gear trademark

III.               November 2016 – Monolith floor – first sale


Today we have 39 Places with our equipment in Europe: 20 in France, 12 in Poland, 3 in Sweden, 2 in Germany

Last Autumn, in our office, we designed and built our own functional training box and completed a consistent set of INHUMAN GEAR products. Quality. Design and durability are foundations of our product strategy.

Part of our crew regularly do the workout with impressive results.

A part of MIA TEAM – in our INHUMAN GEAR ARENA at our office yesterday


Our Inhuman Gear motto: “Losers quit when they are tired. Winners quit when they have won.”

The Inhuman Gear project brought a lot of new energy into our company and proved again that we can achieve whaterver we decide.

Both of them show that every success needs engagement, passion, determination and most of all perseverance.

Now let’s build next succesess together!

In June we will present what will be done in the retail world.


Your MIA Team