Lublin, Marseille, Dresden, Berlin, Rostov-on-Don and Almaty. What is the connection between all these cities and our company? August is a time of holidays. Remember! While you are resting, we are operating! During your dog days, we have quickly assembled our furniture in four different European cities, and we have just completed construction works in the interiors of the shops in 2 of them!

Did you know that Lublin is called the capital of Eastern Poland and that it is the biggest city in this part of the country? Vibrant development, interesting architecture and a rich history attract more and more tourists. After all, it is one of the oldest cities in Poland, where memorabilia of various epochs have been preserved. The biggest and most recognizable part of Lublin is the old town and the castle of Lublin. The sacred castles present a whole range of styles, from Gothic to modern times. It is a real treat for fans of history! In Lublin, we can also find the Donjon Towers, which is the only remnant of the first state of the Piasts. Its name originates from the French language and represents a tower that combines residential and defensive functions. As part of our sports equipment business, we have just completed a partial arrangement of one of the fitness clubs in Lublin.

Lublin, Poland
Lublin, Poland

We have also been to the second largest city in France this month, that is Marseille. For the curious ones, it was founded 600 years BC by the Greeks and from VI AD, it has belonged to the Kingdom of the Franks and since 1481, it has been a part of France. It has been a very important Mediterranean port from the very beginning and nowadays, together with the cities of Fos and Berre it forms the Industrial District of Marseille, a very important part of the European economy. Similar to what the Notre-Dame Basilica is in Paris and Marseille. Unlike the one from Paris, the local one is located on a hill, and the vegetation surrounding it is typical of the climate of southern Europe. The very fact of being in this amazing Mediterranean city brings joy, and don’t even get us started on the work that we have done. After two fitness clubs we have worked on in Marseille a few months ago and a boutique for the German company Escada, we just finished the second shop in the Miramas shopping centre. The French company DIM who has been our client for many years, was so pleased with our work that they left us the following message at the reception of the shop: “Great assembly team”.

Marseille, France

 To be continued..