Lublin, Marseille, Dresden, Berlin, Rostov-on-Don and Almaty. What is the connection between all these cities and our company? August is a time of holidays. Remember! While you are resting, we are operating! During your dog days, we have quickly assembled our furniture in four different European cities, and we have just completed construction works in the interiors of the shops in 2 of them! 

We have just finished our first construction project in Kazakhstan, executed by our Kazakh company – ISM KZ . Almaty – once the capital of Kazakhstan- today, the largest and richest city in the country. It surprises us with its historical richness and beautiful landscapes. When visiting Almaty, you should see the beautiful Ascension council which was created more than 100 years ago without using a single nail! Then, head to Panfilov Park, with the statue of Iwan Panfiłow, famous for his deeds during the Second World War. To the south of the park, you will find the National Museum, located just next to the Presidential Palace. If you are fans of traveling in the mountains, definitely go to Talgar – the highest peak of Alatau Zailijski. We are excited to be able to create in such a wonderful place as the Almaty.

Almaty, Kazakhstan


Rostov on Don.  Yes. We operate in Russia as well. Rostov – one of the oldest Russian towns. With more than a million inhabitants, it is one of the largest and most interesting cities, as it belongs to the so-called Golden Ring; the 23 cities with which the cradle of Russian culture is associated. In Rostov, there are a few interesting production facts; among others there are factories manufacturing famous helicopters (Mi) and other ones specialized in space and radar technology. We have just finished construction works for Inditex in one of the local shopping malls. This is our 61st implementation in Russia. It was performed by our daughter company ISM from Moscow.

ISM Logo


Rostov-on-Don, Russia