Real quick, right now, for yesterday, one call, second call, seven e-mails in five minutes. This is how reality looks sometimes in the sales department, where I work in MIA. Sometimes I mix up French with English, and in the end, simple Polish words just slip my mind. I am not complaining, on the contrary, a rhythm like this makes me constantly active, my head is working and time flies by fast at work. Of course not every day looks like this, but when build-ups, moments of acceleration and intense work happen, that is when I realize how important it is to stop for a moment. Look at myself, at my work from a distance, calm my emotions. Yoga, which I have been practicing for 7 years helps mi with this. I put my bare feet on the mat, repeat the dynamic, strengthening and stretching sequences of asanas. I try to bring my breathing into alignment. Finally, relax – ┼Ťavasana. Ah, I wish I also had a view at the sea through the window. I close my eyes and hear the sound of the waves.

Zuzanna Skowronek, Customer Service Specialist