Paris – a place with monuments from various eras, famous works of art, architectural buildings, museums, universities and institutions of international significance; it is also one of the world’s fashion capitals. No wonder that on the occasion of our first visit 9 years ago, we were charmed by this city. A few days ago, we have once again arrived here for probably the 100th time, implementing our next project, all thanks to the new fitness club located in the Xth District.

We started the conquest of the French fitness market in 2015. So far, we have equipped around 50 fitness clubs with furniture in France and we are not slowing down! In the Paris region, we can boast with over 15 realizations and we have more planned!

Lately, we have provided equipment for one of the most famous French fitness clubs, which is opening a new club in the 10th district. Interestingly, its premises have two stations with international connections (Gare du Nord and Gare de l’Est – both from the 1840s). There are many monuments this part of the city there, and it’s not just buildings and tenements, but also charming fountains, decorative entrances to the subway (designed by Hector Guimard), churches or theaters. It was precisely in this district that many artists had once lived – painters, poets, writers, composers or architects. The cult venue is the Le Louxor cinema in the neo-Georgian style, which has its place on the list of monuments. In this district you will find one more unusual place – the narrowest house in the city with a width of only 1.1 meters! It is hardly surprising that we approached the project very enthusiastically. After all, we were supposed to provide equipment for the next elite fitness clubs. Another confirmation of our competence: attention to detail in the production of equipment, very good customer service and excellent fitters on the spot.

For us, nothing is impossible! We completed assembly on Children’s Day, with an acceptance report without even one comment! The Customers accepted the prepared premises repeating “Parfait! Parfait!” It is always a joyful moment for everyone when giving away another project to the recipient. We’ve had some positive coincidences at the very end.

Despite a great workload, we could not even find time for a short walk to Paris! See our photo report, not just from the walk, but from our client’s visit as well! We will soon reveal the fitness club for which we have provided furniture equipment and show the results of our hard work!