We have our own assembly teams. We install furniture all over the world. In Europe and Russia, we perform assembly services independently. In remote places, assembly takes place under the supervision of our supervisors along with local fitters (e.g. in Japan, USA, Kazakhstan).


  1. The clients want to have an experienced assembly team that can handle any situation.
  2. In addition, in case of any difficulties during assembly, the customer expects an immediate solution to the problem without its interference. Fitters should be helpful and well-prepared.
  3. If the clients must choose among two assembly teams with similar experience, they will choose the one that will finish the whole project sooner.   



Assembly all across Europe is our daily bread: France, Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland are the countries we visit non-stop. Export comprises 90% of our production. During 20 years we have visited various places for assembly purposes, including Martinique, USA, Korea, Japan, Canada and Russia. We have already performed over 1,300 montages all over the world!


We always care about the satisfaction of our client. Our fitters are a team of experienced professionals, many with over a dozen years of experience. Always helpful and well-prepared, with high personal culture, willing to assist the customer during the joint opening of stores, available and effective, they are the pride of MIA.


One of our strengths is the fact that we work faster than the competition. Which is our great advantage.