In 2014, we began to develop our sports business. We acquired our first customers in France. In turn, in 2015, we created a functional equipment brand for Inhuman Gear. Our success in the sports industry has brought us a new client, the French network of MOVING gyms. 


  1. Our goal was to create a functional and original fitness club that would stand out from the competition. It was to refer to the character of the brand and its visual identity. All materials from which the furniture was to be made had to be particularly robust.
  2. We needed a company that would create designer furniture and make it in reliable technologies.
  3. MOVING strongly focuses on development. They needed a company that would guarantee professional support in this scope.
  4. The ideal supplier would deliver furniture on time and guarantee significant savings.



We created an entirely new design with a coherent brand communication for MOVING. We bet on toned down colours and interesting materials. We combined grey and white with dark wood.


The client was very satisfied with our furniture, which not only has a more designer feel compared to the competition, but is also reliable and high quality. The reception which we have designed has an elegant character, but it also featured a place for towels for clients of the fitness network. In the waiting room we put comfortable armchairs and small tables. In turn, in the locker room we proposed rotated seats and illuminated large mirrors. There were also long pouffes and wooden cabinets. Clothing lockers are made of modern materials and waterproof technologies. Thanks to the modularity of the cabinets, we have easily adapted them to the interior of our client. At the bar in the chillout zone we put comfortable sofas and armchairs. The entire project has been ideally suited to the character of the brand.


The company was created to cooperate with network clients. Twenty years of experience have resulted in many successes. We took care of the entire project, from design, to production, transport and assembly. We are prepared for unexpected circumstances and are able to deal with any situation.  


Our motto is: ÔÇťInterior furnishings. Before timeÔÇŁ. In this way, we emphasise the strategic assumption of a company delivering a finished project ahead of schedule. Our clients value cooperation with us due to the high quality which we deliver, our skills in solving problems abroad at any time of the day or night, and above all due to production and logistics savings.