One of our most interesting projects is our headquarters at Półłanki Street 22. We had to adapt the facility with 3368 sqm of warehouse and production space and 537 sqm of office and social space to our needs in terms of ergonomics as well as aesthetics. We wanted this project to underline our comprehensive experience in the field of interior design, equipment production and general contracting. Our staff was actively involved in the realisation.


  1. A big issue was the maladjustment of the building to office needs. Another assumption was the adjustment of the interior to ensure the necessary number of positions including functional division into individual company departments. 
  2. The main goal of this implementation was an extraordinary project, which was to refer to the nature of MIA’s activities and to the characteristic graphic motifs used by the company in its visual communication.
  3. We wanted to use unique solutions and interesting materials to emphasise the original character of the company and its diverse culture. 
  4. As in every project, the budget played a very important role. We wanted to achieve our goal with the use of modern technology, and at the same time at a low cost. Our engineers have found many interesting solutions that have enabled us to save money.



The old and neglected interior has been turned into a modern office building in a standard that surpasses the quality of the office finish of many of our clients. All items of equipment (except lighting, chairs and office armchairs) were manufactured from scratch by our own means and with the participation of cooperating companies. The furniture which we offer to our clients is created exactly the same way. We performed all repair, construction and assembly including demolition and shifting of walls, replacement of flooring, changes in the water and sewerage system, as well as assembly of lining and decorative elements on the walls and ceilings.


The project of our reception, initially controversial, turned out to be a hit! We created the perfect image place that catches the eye immediately upon entrance to the building. In turn, in the case of the dining room, the goal was to create a place that would integrate all MIA employees, which is why we focused on industrial character. A characteristic element is humorous motifs referring to the company’s value presented in the form of avant-garde graphics. Office stands are dominated by colours that make the space friendly and warm. The walls feature visible compositions of rhombuses symbolising the business cluster, or broadly understood cooperation towards a common goal. In the offices of the Board of Directors and the Chief Accountant, we used fewer colours and bet on a more subdued image. The whole project is very coherent and has an individual, unconventional character, fully reflecting the activity that we conduct. Our office has become a recognisable showcase of our company in the world.


Our constructors have the knowledge and experience in making various furniture, and often manufacture from rare raw materials in complicated technologies. Thanks to team work and close cooperation of the constructors with the production department and our subcontractors, new furniture is created at MIA at a dynamic pace while maintaining high quality standards.


Similarly to the described MIA office, for every customer by whom we are entrusted a project, we design unusual furniture made to measure, among others reception, chillout zone, kitchen or office space. We have created our office together in our free time! We managed to complete the whole in less than half a year, as all activities were carried out only in our spare time!