In 2008, we began cooperation with the German brand CAMPIONE. The company bet on sports classic, good quality materials, exclusive accessories and careful finish. The variety of colours and fabric allows to create many interesting designs. Their collections relate to the yachting style. The new concept of their showrooms was to reflect the character of the brand.


  1. CAMPIONE entrusted their new project to our company. The aim of the German brand’s concept was to refresh their image. The whole was to relate to their marine style, as well as the logo symbolising two swordfish.
  2. The client needed unique furniture that would distinguish his brand from the others.
  3. We are happy to have cooperated with a client whose involvement has facilitated quick changes, which is not always the standard. We received a task and presented a few solutions, from which the client chose the best one. Typically creative work. We had a free hand and were able to let our creativity flow by moving in the colours of the sailing world. Searching for various pieces of yacht equipment and adapting them in store interiors was a great experience for the implementation of the idea of the brand’s leitmotif in the form of real solutions existing on ships and boats.
  4. Speed and price were important factors for our client.



Our designers showed off their skill by creating a boat-shaped cash register. We took care of every detail of the shop; dressing rooms resembled the ship cabin. There were also boat replicas placed on selected wall-mounted furniture. We bet on white, one of the most important colours used in the marine style. CAMPIONE was impressed with our concept, which they decided on implementing immediately. Our furniture for CAMPIONE can be admired in many brand stores. One of the latest developments is the CAMPIONE Warszawa Młociny showroom.


We make unique projects for our clients tailored to their individual needs. Individually designed and made furniture has been our domain for years, and we are constantly developing in this field. Thanks to the use of selected solutions, our client has saved money.


Thanks to the built trust, the client entrusts us the entire project. We deal with preparation, production and assembly. We have been cooperating for 11 years now. 


Projects are realised in a short time. On top of that, the client can count on savings that come with working with MIA. We offer different material and construction solutions which will meet budgetary and business needs. We find the optimal combination of construction, form and ergonomics as part of the set financial goals.