Soon each creation will need a filament. We can give you much more.



In response to the growing market demand, we have created a new business related to 3D printing. During 21 years we have implemented over 10,000 new products into production. Most of them are the fruit of the latest technologies and the combination of proven designs and innovative materials. We have recently discovered the amazing creative possibilities offered by 3D printing ÔÇô a technology of the future that allows you to create new products very quickly. Having transferred our expert knowledge to this new field, we have gained a unique competitive advantage ÔÇô global experience in the production of innovative products.

Here are some companies which trusted us:


We will design your product and implement it to production. We have access to a virtually unlimited base of raw materials and various subcontractors, which is why our activity stands out in the 3D printing market. These resources make MIAÔÇÖs products superior to what is generally available. Our structure is created by experienced people with passion who are constantly improving their knowledge in 3D printing technology.


We work with the headquarters of the worldÔÇÖs most renowned companies. We deliver our products to 6 continents. The materials for their production come from carefully selected raw materials. We care about reliability and high-quality finish, which is why our rate of complaints reflects only 0.5%. International experience in customer service has largely increased our work standards. As a result, we offer unique service and meet your expectations in a friendly and unique atmosphere.

We are constantly looking for better solutions in what we do, providing customers with more than they expect.


Do you know that?
3D printing is not a new technology! The official beginning of 3D printing is dated back to 1984. It is then that the American Charles Hull filed a patent for ÔÇťstereolithographyÔÇŁ or the first additive method. It consists in the selective hardening of successive layers of resin. The first printed item was a teacup for his wife.
Do you know that?
There is no single ÔÇťbestÔÇŁ 3D printing technology! Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. But we will choose the one that suits you best!
Do you know that?
Some 3D printing technologies are now ÔÇťoverÔÇŁ. Others, in turn, have not yet come, so everything is ahead of us!
Have you ever wondered how a car, computer or modern architectural wonders are made?
You do not even realize that the production of each of them included to some degree the use of a 3D printer. Starting from the creation of the first prototypes, up to support and optimisation of processes related to their production.
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You can design your future with us?
Do you know that?
UK doctors will print ears for sick children. Currently, a dozen or so kids from Bombay and India are waiting for such a surgery. Do you know that a printed heart was used to save a baby? This landmark operation was performed in the USA on a two-week-old baby suffering from a congenital heart defect.
Do you know that?
3D printing is the best method for prototyping?
Do you know that?
According to the forecasts by Canalys, the value of sales on the 3D printing market on a global scale will grow by 43.5 percent every year, and the demand for equipment will increase even more than before.