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Production optimization


It is well known that manufacturing costs are high, but it is not always obvious how to keep them at a minimum. 

Instead of looking for other solutions, companies usually cut the number or quality of their products.


By choosing MIA, you can significantly reduce costs and not limit the volume of production (or may even increase it), and also benefit from our value engineering.


We offer completely new possibilities thanks to our optimized construction and carefully selected materials. By placing production in Poland, you can already lower your expenses by 25%. The following savings (up to 15%) can be achieved by our engineers who work on the construction and technology of each piece of furniture. We specialize in this kind of activity in order to satisfy our international clients' needs.

Fast assemblies


Assembly and installation times can frequently be lengthy or delayed which can cause some real complications.

It is often expected that the installation area will be perfectly clean and ready for sale, but this doesn't happen too frequently.

As the world is now operating at such a fast pace, every single delay costs money, creates stress for employees, and most importantly - customer dissatisfaction.

Here at MIA, we keep our word. This is why we’ve been operating for 20 years and have collaborated with some of the best companies in the world.


By choosing MIA, you can:

  • provide your customers with faster services,
  • deliver satisfaction to your employees thanks to a simple assembly process,
  • inspire other sales members to work more effectively,
  • finish installations before the deadline so this time can be used for core activities.


For 20 years, we have gained international experience in assembly. Our goal is to provide installations fast and efficiently while offering excellent customer service. Thanks to our unique experience, we know how to work with people from different cultures and regions. Our assembly team puts the satisfaction of the client as their primary goal.

Assembly teams at MIA:

  • carefully plan and stay in touch with the client,
  • thoroughly prepare for all installations,
  • wisely and immediately solve unexpected situations,
  • work faster than other teams,
  • improvise when a problem is encountered,
  • finish assembly before the agreed time,
  • leave only tidiness and satisfaction behind.
  • 3D printing


    • The development of new prototypes usually takes multiple weeks, or even months.  This presents a problem, as samples of new products are needed for comparison with others on the market.  It takes time and many trails to achieve the expected shape and form of product to meet the client's requirements.
    • Bulk Production requires a huge time investment and expensive injection molds. A large amount of money needs to be invested to make it possible to manufacture thousands of products. When the volume of units decreases from hundreds to tens, the real struggle begins - how to receive a refund on the invested production? The same question is considered when we don't know the scale of manufacturing or production, which is hard to predict.
    • Spare parts, tools, replacements are often the nightmare of manufacturing companies. Repair teams are slow to respond, and the lead time for spare parts can be days or weeks.  In the meantime, everything in the manufacturing chain is stopped. As a result, clients are dissatisfied because the lead time is too long. Even when everything is finally repaired, costs and disappointment still linger.


      MIA allows you to:

    • manufacture prototypes in minutes or hours, instead of weeks or months

    • immediately start bulk production

    • access replacements, tools, and machine parts right away

    • witness the creation of forms and gauges for the optimization of manufacturing processes

    • Pull ahead of your competition


    We have the fastest 3D printers which can create 1000x500x600mm products right in front of you: bicycle frames, auto parts, machines, and industrial tools. 3D printing can magically create light shades, containers, vases, and toys.

    Bulk production of tens or even hundreds of overdue products is not a challenge today. We only need a sketch with a description, and we will develop a project, provide 3D visualization, technical drawings, and models, which will be quickly made on our printers.

    3D Printing is the technology of the future. Those who start today will be market leaders thanks to the speed of 3D printers, and more importantly, changes in the manufacturing chain which are possible thanks to this technology.

    Don’t hesitate, 3D print your new world with us!

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    Since 1999. we have supported retail networks by delivering unique competences. Cooperating with 60 headquarters globally, we provide and implement many concepts in local markets.

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