If you need disassembly, stock up for a while and install furnishings from your store or office, we will do it for you from soup to nuts.


What is a common bread on the market now?

Due to pandemics, numerous companies are waiting for the whole situation to stabilize in their industry. They decide to close the store where their business bloomed and transfer it to a safe place until everything is back to normal.

Offices are being empty, most of the people are working in a home office. Rented spaces became smaller, and office equipment is not needed in such volume as by now - it can be dismantled and stocked up.

Stores are not working due to temporary restrictions - owners decide to place furniture in a safe place until the change of circumstances.

Conclusions for the future

  • Tenants are being charged high rent costs, regardless of their falling incomes.

  • An uncertain vision of the future and continuously announced limitations from the government make it difficult to make decisions.

  • Pulling over on the development of various industries creates anxiety in business and raises the level of investing risk.



  • You can entrust the equipment of your office or store until the better times come.

  • We will stocktake your equipment on site.

  • We will pack and secure your goods for travel.

  • We will provide delivery and stocking at a reasonable price.

  • Your goods will be delivered to you at any moment into a pointed location.

  • We will install your equipment and handle it back at your disposal.


What is the risk of relocating?

  • Additional control during moving.
    Various companies offer such a service as a part of their regular offer. In general, it is commonly known as moving. Rarely we receive full service which contains a high standard of securing customers goods. The operation of moving goods from one place to another requires a lot of assigned employee care and attention.

  • No stocktaking as a part of the offer.
    Stocktaking is not a standard of most companies in this field. Without the professional assistance of assigned employees, you will never know the general shape of goods before transportation.

  • No warehousing in regular offer.
    Moving companies usually do not offer long-term warehousing at a reasonable price, with particular security and warranty level.

  • Niski standard monta┼╝u
    Firmy przeprowadzkowe nie dysponuj─ů wystarczaj─ůcymi kompetencjami monta┼╝owymi, dlatego trudno przewidzie─ç z jakimi uszkodzeniami wyposa┼╝enie lokalu zostanie zdemontowane. Wobec cz─Östo niskich kompetencji instalacyjnych powt├│rny monta┼╝ wyposa┼╝enia r├│wnie┼╝ mo┼╝e odby─ç si─Ö z rozmaitymi wadami.  

What is happening on the market now?

Due to uncertain future and government restrictions, limiting rent space by tenants becomes a popular necessity.

These decisions result in immediate savings on renting areas, which is the fundamental reason why so many companies cut down office and store spaces.

What are the solutions provided by


  • We work on our own, responsibly. On behalf of the customer, we take care of all steps of warehousing.

  • We offer stocking of equipment in Poland, in secured warehouses with professional service.

  • We have references from the world's best brands, which confirm our skills.

  • By choosing our offer, you will collect savings, which allow you to prepare twice as strong a comeback of your company once the normality returns.


What does the market offer?

  • Most of the offers on the market base on random groups of assemblers, who don't work as a team, usually are late, and don't take care of the final result.

  • Usually, work lasts until 4:00 pm, and then it is continued on the next day, regardless of the current stadium of the project.

  • Installation teams present a wide range of presented culture of work. One projects are a huge success, while others finish as a total disaster.

  • Assembling is handled at different speeds. What we know is that it can be provided 30-50% faster.

  • Time doesn't matter. For many assemblers on the market, deadlines are out of their interests.

Standardy w bran┼╝y

Work and space management (clean environment during installation) is far from perfect.

In various brands, a low level of detail care during assembling is simply enough.

Low quality or damaged tools are common standards.

The final result, once good, other times pitty, is a pretty usual standard of precision.

No proactive reactions in unusual situations is a daily basis. If something doesn't work as planned, work will probably stop until someone will come on-site and take care of it.



  • Our assemblers are cooperative and knowledgeable teams with many years of experience.
  • We provide 2 years warranty as a standard of delivered services.
  • We are flexible, proactive, and agile. We work fast and efficiently.
  • We find solutions to unusual situations.
  • We work until we finish.
  • We finish before the deadline.
  • A high level of personal culture of our employees is our business card.
  • We gained 20 years of experience in over 2000 installations in 43 countries.
  • References of the best worldwide brands confirm our highest standards.
  • Our reliability is marked by the indicator of complaints below 0.5%

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