1. Vouchers are valid until 30.06.2021. Starting 01.07.2021, they lose validation.
2. The level of discount depends on the location and size of the order.
3. Vouchers count separately.
4. Vouchers entitle to a minimum 5% discount for the first order.
5. The total discount collected from all vouchers is a maximum 20%.
6. Vouchers are connecter inseparably with the commercial relationship of the receiver company / Owner of the voucher and MIA Company. It means that vouchers can be used only after signing a sales agreement with MIA Company.
7. The first order of the receiver company / owner of the voucher should be placed no later than 16.07.2021
8. Vouchers are assigned to the exact receiver and cannot be sold or donated to third parties.
9. If there are multiple voucher receivers around one company, this particular company can use a maximum 1 voucher from all receivers.
10. Every voucher receiver can use maximum 3 vouchers (from 5% to 20% discount for one of three services: installation, dismantling, warehousing).
11. Vouchers can be executed only after reaching at least 2500 euro of trade turnover.
12. Vouchers are not means of payment and can be considered only as a discount.
13. Vouchers collected by an employee of the firm are not valid from the moment when the employee stops working for this company.
14. To make use o a voucher, placing an order is required.