Ekrany Ochronne MIA – terms EN

  1. Below promotion concerns protection screens MIA Frames and included 3 vouchers: a voucher for disinfection station free of charge, a voucher for delivery for free, and a voucher for assembly.
  2. Vouchers must be collected by 2020-12-15
  3. Vouchers must be confirmed by the MIA company within 2 working days to get its validity. Without this confirmation, vouchers cannot be used.
  4. Vouchers are an indispensable business relationship with the recipient/voucher holder and MIA. This means that the vouchers can only be used after a sales contract concluded with MIA.
  5. The Vouchers’ recipient/holder’s first order should be placed no later than 31/12/2020.
  6. Vouchers are valid until December 31st, 2020. Vouchers expire starting 2020-01-01.
  7. Vouchers are assigned to the recipient and may not be sold to or transferred to third parties.
  8. If several recipients of vouchers are working in the same company, that company may only use up to 1 voucher from all recipients.
  9. Each company can only redeem 1 voucher for the minimum expected to purchase in EURO in each of the 3 categories (one disinfection stand for free, one transport for free, and one assembly for free)
  10. Each holder of Vouchers may have a maximum of 3 Vouchers, one from each category (stand, transport, and assembly)
  11. The vouchers may be redeemed after reaching the minimum value of the trade turnover (as described in the above-mentioned 3 vouchers).
  12. Promotion of assembly is limited by the distance from Cracow (Postal Code Cracow 30-443) and the minimum order size.
  13. Free assembly is available for orders with a minimum value of  7500€, and up to a maximum of 1500 km from the given place of dispatch.
  14. The promotion of transport applies only to shipments to places up to 1000 km from Cracow.
  15. Vouchers are not means of payment and can only be considered as a discount.
  16. Vouchers held by an employee of the company expire upon termination of their employment relationship with that company.
  17. To redeem the voucher, send it to the e-mail address: frames.k3@mia.com.pl with the unique voucher number.