Jimmy Fairly

For almost 10 years, the mission of the French brand Jimmy Fairly has been to provide its customers with modern glasses at affordable prices. “Buy One, Give One” is a campaign that has been running since 2021, in which for each pair purchased, the brand will donate a pair of glasses to those in need. The new collection made of Eco Acetate attracts the attention of ecology enthusiasts. The interiors are distinguished by fresh, innovative design and variability – in a sense, every store is different. We highly recommend visiting the store in Toulouse, where not only you will feel the homely atmosphere, but also take great photos in the Octagon! Cooperation with this client is a constant rollercoaster of changes and the search for creative solutions, regardless of the time available and the location of the store. MIA has a chance to demonstrate what it is best at – quick adaptation to constant changes.


Darjeeling is a brand of the French group Chantelle, which has been on the market since 1876. Over 170 stores in France and the extensive range of unique lingerie created for 25 years have won over a wide range of customers. Their mission is to create high-quality, great-looking lingerie. In recent years, the brand has started to focus on using recycled materials. As much as 20% of their corset collection is produced using recycled materials, and since 2021, 100% of the cotton in their products has organic certification. Shops are characterized by high repeatability, thanks to which the work with the client is based on the product catalogue, updated during the implementation of new concepts. MIA comprehensively deals with the equipment of stores, delivery and assembly at the customer’s site – even in the most remote corners of the globe.

Pied de Biche

An innovative French footwear brand with stores in the best locations in France. The idea of Pied de Biche is to provide high-quality products at affordable prices and business transparency. Behind the brand lies a strong friendship and a desire to offer high-end shoes at affordable prices. Since 2015, they have not once abandoned this philosophy, which is a pillar of Pied de Biche’s identity.

MIA had the pleasure of working with this client on an implementation in Bordeaux, where a beautiful boutique was opened. The combination of colours gives a sense of luxury and classics, and the use of a large amount of natural wood creates a pleasant atmosphere. The implementation was tailor-made in a super short amount of time, including the challenging on-site assembly of the furniture.

My Jolie Candle

My Jolie Candle is a unique brand that creates scented products. They are mainly known for the production of candles made of 100% natural wax, on the bottom of which there are various gifts – unique stones or rings.

The elegant design of the stores, the combination of delicate colours and golden elements gives all visitors a sense of luxury and freshness. Complicated furniture finishes, wonderful checkout counters and illuminated shelves full of products in beautiful packaging are their trademark. The furniture is tailor-made, and its assembly on site is the most important step in integrating the modules.


A brand with its roots going all the way to the Far East, where the creators draw inspiration and often products. They proudly mark the origin of their products on the labels, opting for a transparent business model. They place great importance in the world around us, the environmental issues and social concerns of our time. As they grow, they strive to implement concrete actions to have a positive impact both as a company and as people.

A large variety of furniture, from small podiums to illuminated recesses and unusual shelves, define the uniqueness of this brand’s design. Aesthetic finish and good matching of materials created the final look of the project, increasing the complexity of its execution at the same time. We had the pleasure to work together on the implementation of a store in Paris, home of many brands.


This German lingerie manufacturer operating since 1886 is known around the world primarily for the high quality of its products. Its market operations are focused on listening to and satisfying the needs of clients, promoting the latest materials that guarantee comfort, as well as offering products that respond to the latest trends. Activity based on a highly stable business with a clear consistency of action makes Triumph International the market leader with shops in over 120 countries.

Our quarter-century-long collaboration with Triumph International is based, above all, on mutual trust and understanding. MIA guarantees speed of delivery, flexibility and reliability, and above all, the consistently high quality (99.7% of deliveries). These values ensure the stability of our cooperation and our commitment to provide our priority customer with equipment ahead of schedule anywhere in the world.