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We are a furniture manufacturer and general contractor.

For 18 years, we have specialised in designing and supplying furnishings to chain clients around the world. Our portfolio includes over 30000 store designs for store chains of well-known global corporations, including Triumph International, Koton, Mango, Etam, Subway, Zenith, Chantelle, Seidensticker and Campione. These projects were carried out in all corners of the globe.

As a general contractor, we deal in construction works connected with interior finishing and preparation of architectural designs for the buildings. We have completed over 150 finishing and construction projects, in cities such as Paris, Berlin, Prague, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Irkutsk.

Many clients value the collaboration with MIA, mainly because of our skills in solving problems abroad, at any time of day or night. Others appreciate us for the production and logistics savings that resulted from working with us. Most work with us due to the quality of services we provide.

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Our new brand

Because of the growth in the fitness market, we have created a sports equipment brand – Inhuman Gear. This is our answer to the demands of the rapidly developing phenomenon of functional training, which is best known as Crossfit.

Within a year of introducing INHUMAN GEAR equipment to the market, it has been installed in many locations in Poland, Germany and France, and brings much satisfaction to many renowned athletes.

Standing out among our products is our Monolith flooring. Thanks to the energy-absorbing and noise-dampening qualities, our patent is enjoying great demand and conquering new markets.

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